Who We Are

By God’s Grace, Classical Christian Academy exits to provide a Christ-centered, Classical and college preparatory education firmly rooted in Biblical Truth from Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Classical Education

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Discipleship Focus

We focus on discipleship with families of kindred spirit, theology, and values.





We foucs on partnership with Christian parents to raise up Godly children and young people.



Portrait of a Graduate



Academic Acheivement

Biblical Wisdom




Our Goal

We wish more for our children than we have known. Looking at past educational standards and achievements reminds us that we have some serious catching up to do. The roots of classical education stretch back to the classical Greek civilization, just prior to Christ. The methods matured during the Western Christian era of the Middle Ages and came to full flowering in the Renaissance. Though universal literacy was not an educational goal in medieval Europe, the Protestant Reformation of the 1500s provided a great impetus for learning throughout middle and even lower classes with its emphasis on knowing Scripture. As a result, a very high view of education prevailed and spread throughout the Western world.

Classical and Christian Education: Recapturing the Educational Approach of the Past – by Gregg Strawbridge (pp. 1-2)