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John Ukich- Board Chair, Pediatric Dentist

John is excited to serve as a board member at CCA. His wife, Celeste, and he wanted a school that would teach their boys to critically think and develop a Biblical Worldview.  Classical Christian Academy is that school, and for that reason John is thrilled to serve in a capacity that facilitates just that. 

John’s two boys, Jacob and Ashton, have grown to love the environment that CCA provides both academically and spiritually. Raising his children in an environment that consistently points to God and provides them the opportunity to challenge their faith in a safe setting while they are still at home is his gotheyal.  Both he and his wife have been raised in a Christian home since were young and have sought to pursue God with their whole hearts throughout their lives. 

Currently, John has the opportunity to serve at Real Life Ministries teaching youth Sunday school and leading a Life Group.  He is a second generation pediatric dentist with an office in Coeur d’Alene and one in Sandpoint.

Eric Manuel – Board Vice Chair, Utility Design Manager

While new to board service at Classical Christian Academy, Eric looks forward to the opportunity to help chart a future path for our students.  He and his wife Tina relocated to the area in 2014 with their two children who both attend CCA.  They have both become proponents of Classical Education since being first exposed to it several years ago and believe that even in the Classical sphere of influence there is something special happening here at CCA…that God is doing a mighty work in our students and at this school.

Eric attended University of Laverne, a small liberal arts college in Southern California, where he completed his undergraduate degree in accounting with an emphasis on quantitative financial analysis, and he completed some graduate level coursework. Since earning his degree in 1989, Eric has worked in the electric utility industry and currently manages a transmission specific design team for an international utility contractor.

Eric and his family attend Calvary Chapel Coeur d’Alene, where he serves on the worship team.

Aaron Michalk- Board Treasurer/Secretary, Software Developer

As a software engineer Aaron sees the demand for STEM qualified graduates. However, if we turn out a bunch of worker bees, who will be running our businesses and our government?  He sees a gap in our modern education where we fail to educate the whole person.

 We need graduates who can create good arguments and counter bad arguments (Logic).  We need graduates who can eloquently express their ideas (Rhetoric).  We need graduates who can defend their Christian faith.  We need heroes who will do the right thing.  Aaron has been on the board since September 2011.  He has two children who love CCA.  He attends church at Real Life Ministries.

Duane Craddock – Board Member, Physician

Duane Craddock has been serving on Classical Christian Academy’s Board since 2004. He has experienced each of CCA’s stages, Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric through his two children. He is a strong proponent of Biblical worldview and Classical education, recognizing the immense benefits of this manner of teaching. CCA’s unique education produces bright, articulate, persuasive students who possess the tools for critical thinking and will continue a lifelong love of learning.

As a Christian pediatrician, he understands child development and the necessary components for a child to become an effective disciple for Christ. He also serves as an elder for Coeur d’Alene Bible Church. He is supported by his wife, Abby, to whom he has been married for over 20 years.

Julie Grunzweig- Board Member, CPA

As a former staff member from 2008 to 2016, Julie is glad to be part of the CCA community again. She believes in an education firmly rooted in Biblical truth and embraces the tool of Classical education that guides a student to the discovery of truth and seeks to produce life-long learners. As John Milton Gregory states, “Excite and direct the self-activities of the learner, and tell him nothing he can discover himself.” For true education is not that which gives knowledge, but that which stimulates students to gain knowledge. 

Julie earned her B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting before staying home to raise and home educate her three sons. She recently obtained her CPA license and works at a local accounting firm where she enjoys helping individuals and small business owners to steward their resources effectively. Julie and Bob, her husband of over 31 years, enjoy running, hiking and spending time with family, which includes their first grandchild. She also enjoys investing her time serving in women’s development ministries.

Tom Hickcox – Board Member

Tom was raised in Phoenix, Arizona where he was a competitive athlete, having earned a swimming scholarship to Indiana University.  He later lived and worked in AZ as the President and CEO of Continental Homes.   Then later went on to become the Arizona Division President and Senior VP for William Lyon Homes, where he worked prior to my formal retirement in June of 2019.  Tom has three adult children and is married to a wonderful Christian woman, Jaimie Lee.  He is step-dad to Jaimie’s two children, Ella and Max, who attend Classical Christian Academy.

 Tom started attending church later in life and realized that God had been knocking on the door of his heart for a long time…and he finally realized that: (1) any successes, capabilities, opportunities, family, and children he had been blessed with were a gift from God, and (2) Christianity isn’t about being “good enough” and, in fact, that’s the whole point…we never will be…but Christ was.   As he and his wife have grown in their faith and raised Ella and Max in the Christian faith, they have felt a greater sense of conviction that the preservation of Christian education is critical.  Tom believes that Christianity is largely becoming counter-cultural and believes strongly that arming our children with the foundation of why they believe what they believe and having a strong understanding of truth and a defense of their faith is paramount to our call as Christians. 


Mary Bell- Board Member 

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