Homeschool Academy


CCA offers classes to homeschool families, on a class-by-class basis, according to the following guidelines:

  • Students must have a profession of personal faith in Jesus Christ, regularly attend, and be active in a church whose theology is in alignment with the CCA Statement of Faith, and exhibit a life demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit.
  • Students must express a desire to take classes at CCA and function as a positive contributor to the academic and spiritual life of the Academy.
  • Students and parents are responsible to read and agree to the Parent-Student Handbook (Homeschool Academy Dress Code differs from the Dress Code expected of full time students and is listed below, attendance must be regular and consistent, course requirements including completing tests must be fulfilled as is expected of full time students.)
  • Students in grades 9-12 will be allowed to take up to two classes per semester and receive credit for a passing grade (70%/C and above).
  • Students in grade 8 and below will be allowed to take as many classes as approved by administration, and tuition will be prorated.
  • Homeschool Academy students will receive a report card and/or transcript upon completion of the course. However, the students may not earn a diploma from Classical Christian Academy.
  • The administration reserves the right to determine eligible classes for students based on prerequisite requirements, subject competence, and student motivation.
  • The cost is $450 per class per semester.
  • No volunteer or service hours are required as are required for full time students/families.
  • Attendance by at least one family member is highly recommended at the New Family Dessert, Back to School Night, and the Annual State of the School Address.
  • Homeschool Academy students in good standing may participate in CCA sports as long as academic and behavior guidelines are satisfied.
  • Homeschool Academy students may attend chapels as long as they are in dress code.
  • Homeschool Academy Dress Code:
    • Girls – CCA polo shirt and khaki skirt or skort (khaki pants during winter are acceptable)
    • Boys – CCA polo shirt and khaki shorts or pants