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CCA Online Application & Tuition

For the 2022-2023 Academic Year


Application Process:

  1. Complete the Online Application.   Student’s report card or progress report are required to be uploaded during the application process.
  2. Parent Interviews are conducted once applications are reviewed. Both parents, if applicable, are required to attend.
  3. All students must complete an assessment prior to enrollment (K-12).
  4. Once the entire application process is completed, offers of acceptance to enroll will be emailed.



Our Pre-Kindergarten program runs half days with the option of 3, 4, or 5 days per week.  There is also a K+ Enrichment Program available in the afternoons.  Kindergarten is 5 days per week with the option of a morning class or a full day class. 


Pre-K (5 days) – $4,050

Pre-K (4 days) – $3,250

Pre-K (3 days) – $2,440

Kindergarten (half day) – $4,050

Kindergarten (full day) – $6,300

Grammar (1st – 6th) – $6,580

Logic/Rhetoric (7th – 12th) – $6,580


Multiple Child Discount:

2nd student – $500

3rd student – $1,200

4th student – $1,800

*Available for Full Day Kindergarten – 12th grade.


We offer a reduced tuition plan for families who qualify. (Full Day Kindergarten – 12 Grade)  Click here for more information.



(Fees are non-refundable) 

 Application Fee: $50 per family

FACTS Application Processing Fee: $20 (per student)

Enrollment Fee (per student) – $300 (capped at two per family)

Grammar Classroom Fee (Pre-K – 6th) – $75 (covers student’s supplies, student planner, field trips, etc.)

Logic/Rhetoric Classroom Fee (7th – 12th) $50 (Literature book for personal library, classroom and cleaning supplies, student planner, etc.)

                                                                                                *Please note there will be a personal student supply list available upon enrollment.



Optional Program Fees:

~K+ Program (1/2 day) – $15 per day, up to $250 per month (billed monthly)

~Study Hall – $5 per hour, or any portion thereof,  with a daily maximum of $15.

~Athletics and Robotics Fees are on a per sport/club basis.


*Credit cards are accepted, but are subject to a 2.40% + $0.25 transaction fee.

All fees are non-refundable.


CCA’s tuition year begins July 1st and ends June 30th.

There are three options for tuition payment:

  1. Tuition may be paid in full BEFORE April 1 with a 5% discount.
  2. Tuition may be paid in full BEFORE July 1 with a 2.5% discount.
  3. Families not paying in advance must be set up with FACTS Tuition Management for monthly payments upon the acceptance and placement of your student(s). Click on the link to sign up with FACTS:  https://online.factsmgt.com/signin/4F1QK


Classical Christian Academy is a non-profit, tax-deductible 501(c)(3) organization.  Because services are received, tuition payments are not tax-deductible.  However, donations are tax deductible.