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Uniform Policy

The intent of the Uniform Policy is to promote aesthetic beauty, modesty, and dignity in style and school unity. “Be respectful. Be modest. Be diligent. Be clean.” The policy may not be inclusive of current styles or trends. Hair should also be neat and clean.  All dress uniform items must be Land’s End if specified.

Standard uniform items may be purchased at the store of parents’ choosing.  The CCA logo is required on all uniform sweaters and polo shirts, regardless of where they are purchased.  All shirts and blouses must be tucked in at all times. Pyramid Printing, in Coeur d’Alene, will embroider the CCA logo on uniforms for a fee.

All students (Pre-K-12th) will be required to wear the dress uniform on dress uniform days, for special occasions, and on field trips (unless otherwise specified by their teacher).  The standard items are optional items for use on non-dress uniform days. Students may attend school in their dress uniforms on any school day.

All skirts and jumpers must be to the knee.  Girls are recommended to wear shorts, tights, or leggings under skirts. Jeans, capris, and pants are not allowed under uniform.  On P.E. days, shorts or leggings are required for girls in grades Pre-K-6.  Students in grades 6 -12 may change for P.E.  Students must wear a CCA P.E. shirt or a CCA logoed shirt.

No student may attend class out of dress code.  Any student wearing clothing other than outlined in the policy will be asked to comply with the policy.  Students not in compliance with the dress code may be sent home in order to correct the violation. Some violations may require that the parent/guardian be contacted in order to provide the appropriate attire.

Due to changes in style, preference and/or product availability, adjustments to the uniform policy may become necessary.  Every effort will be made to minimize the difficulties for families when changes do occur.

The Dean of Students is responsible for the determination and enforcement of the uniform policy.

For complete uniform guidelines please review the Uniform Policy in the Parent-Student Handbook.

(Available in the office or on Ren-Web.)