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Classical Christian Academy’s legacy has been shaped throughout the past 28 years by families that realize the need for a distinctively Christ-centered classical school option for their children.  We have been blessed over the years with parents and community members who have given both their time and talents to fill messaging and branding needs as they arose, from logoing our uniforms and producing stationary, to building our website. Over the years the consistency of our school’s message has often been reactionary.  As we move into a new season of growth and possibility, we have taken this time to strengthen and simplify the way we visually represent ourselves to the community, through a brand refresh focused on clarity of purpose and intent.

Classical Christian Academy is now accredited, and our teachers and curriculum are second to none.  We compete at a the highest level within the regional private school options. Our CCA School brand is more than our reputation, it is our culture and values.  It is our promise to the families that make up our school community and the regional community we serve. We want our image to reflect who we are today and the traditions of the past.  With that in mind, we have refreshed our CCA crest to highlight the strong principles upon which the school was founded. The centurion head will still be used to represent CCA in athletics and school spirit.

The main change will be seen in the Grammar school uniforms. Our school, moving forward, will have a uniformity in color. The red sweaters and Hamilton plaid are now going to be Navy sweaters and a Navy plaid to better emphasize our school colors of navy and gold.  CCA has projected an image that we are two separate schools, a grammar and an upper school. One of the great distinctives of CCA is that we have students that start in Pre-Kindergarten and graduate as seniors. In order to better emphasize the importance and benefits, of a complete Pre-K-12 grade community, we want to eliminate confusion and have consistency in school colors represented on both sides of the parking lot, reinforcing that we are one in Christ.

CCA has teamed with Rafiki, a classical Christian missionary organization in Africa, and we will have the opportunity to bless the children by donating the uniforms we will no longer be using, to them.  More information on how to donate old uniforms will be provided as the school year comes to an end.

We understand that Rhetoric students are often concerned with how they are distinguished among their peers.  We believe that what sets our students apart is their work ethic and Christ-like character, not their clothing.  We hope that many of these changes will simplify the purchasing process for our families going forward.

If you have any questions,  please feel free to reach out.

This is an exciting time for our CCA family!

 Wade Ortego – Head of School