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We’ve seen many noteworthy historical events unfold over the past few months, and for all the uncertainty and worry that we are prone to, we find that God faithfully calls the sun to rise and set each morning. As David reminds us in Psalm 19, this daily sun-circuit serves as a testimony of God’s glory, silently and steadily revealing knowledge and uttering speech to all of creation about the true ruler of all. Praise be to God, who has hidden such marvelous things for us to discover about Himself. As Solomon declares in the Proverbs, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter” (25:2). God has called us at CCA to partner with parents to help train up sons and daughters of the High King, and that involves learning how to learn, how to search matters out. No matter what may be happening in the world around us, we can look to the greater and truer testimony of God’s work waiting to be seen, declared, and praised. Who could ask for a better curriculum?!

Historically significant moments, like so many things in life, often seem to come in batches. At least, that certainly has felt like the case recently. Of course, certain times and seasons really do hold more substantial events, traditions, or moments of consequence, such as those leading up to a national election and transfer of power. This year’s political controversies, media coverage, pandemic responses, acts of violence, and the like have begun to condition us to be continually looking for the next big thing. And while big moments might point to big significance, more often than not they reflect the direction of a million little moments that made the big moments possible. Paul David Tripp helpfully reminds us that the same is true in discipleship or parenting. While some corrections, disciplinary moments, or opportunities to encourage, rebuke, or exhort are the big ones that you’ll remember and tell stories about for years to come, it’s not really those moments that do the lion’s share of shaping who we are. Telling our kids about the good news of the gospel only when they mess up really big won’t have the affection-cultivating depth of meaning that we think it will, compared with the daily little moments we have to faithfully walk with our kids in the truth of our need for Christ. The big moments have meaning when set against the backdrop of our everyday lives, but we do most of our living in that backdrop. Just as attending church once or twice a year on Easter and Christmas makes very little difference in someone’s life compared to weekly faithfulness walking with the body of believers, so the rare correction or reminder of our need for Christ does little to change us if that reality does not exist in our little daily moments. And while we certainly should celebrate certain moments as deserving of high honor and gravity, whether in festivity or in mourning or in some other solemn sense, we are not to despise the little moments God has given us in which to live. We are not to despise the day of small beginnings, and we are to remember that Jesus teaches that whoever is faithful in little will be faithful in much. Sometimes we may seem to make a big deal of little things at CCA, but if so, we hope it is in the spirit of being faithful while things are small so that our students can know the blessings of being faithful when things get much bigger. And in these days of one sensational news story after another, we hope our students and community will be defined by a long collection of less noticeable moments that add up to a far greater legacy of rightly ordered loves in the little things that make a big difference in Christ.

God’s purposes are greater than any one of us, and we are blessed to see Him take care of us through each other in the process.

In Christ,
Bill Stutzman