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Classical Christian Academy (CCA) takes seriously all appropriate comments and perspectives. Since the article by the Spokesman Review this morning, we have received many supportive calls, as well as a few critical comments.

No rational person likes to hear about an event like the shooting in Parkland, Florida. We were all grieved at the news of this terrible situation.

Classical Christian Academy has raffled off many different items over the last twelve years of our Royal Raffle and Benefit Ball, event. We have had trips, furniture, technology packages, entertainment packages, cash prizes, free tuition, and more.

This year, we have four ticket options available, a year of free tuition, a firearm, a large screen TV, and a $1000 cash prize. This annual event is well organized by the parents, and the tickets are sold by adults, to adults, to benefit the school. All four raffle items have been well received by the supporters of our school. All federal, state, and local laws will be followed with the transfer of firearm ownership, by a licensed firearm dealer.

We live in a state and a nation where the right to protect ourselves and our families is protected by the second amendment. There are approximately 300 million guns owned by responsible citizens in the United States. We understand that honest people of good will can disagree, and still have the same goal.