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Testimonials and Stories

Parent Testimonials

“Thank you for the time you take teaching my daughter everyday.  It is obvious she is learning and growing in a Christian way that my wife and I always prayed for her.  


Doughnuts with Dad was a great idea and I know a lot of thought and effort goes into these programs.  In the end she learns a lot and I get a treasured memory of  her.” – Richard Pickering


“At the end of each year, I find myself evaluating the cost of tuition of CCA.  Asking myself, “Is it really worth it?”  The expense of sending all four of my children to this school seems overwhelming at times, with three children in school and one that will be starting in a few years.  When I attend the annual State of the School that is put on by the board members and they share the mission, goals, and vision for CCA, it hits home with me.  It reassures me that having my children at CCA is worth all the financial sacrifice.  I think, what is the most important thing in life?  In the end, it is not a career or vocation or being successful in this world.  It is knowing God and Jesus Christ.  It is a blessing that my children get both rigorous high academic standards and learning about God at the same time.  I don’t know what I would do without this school.  Thank you,  Lord, for providing this school to this community so that my children are able to attend and learn of you.” – Michelle Clermont

“Classical Christian Academy has provided a great foundation for learning and the development of good study habits in our children. We appreciate the opportunities for the students to speak in front of people. We have seen our children mature and become much more at ease speaking in front of people. The academics are rigorous and have helped them to step up to the bar that is set rather than doing just enough to get by.” – Anonymous

“I have two grammar students who love school. They are challenged here academically and spiritually. They enjoy learning both inside and outside of school. I also have two graduates who are a testimony to the outcome of a classical Christian education. Most people who meet my graduates and spend any time in conversation with them, remark on their knowledge, reasoning and confidence. They both enjoy learning, debating and are active in Christian groups outside of church.” – Anonymous

“For our family, Classical Christian Academy is an answer to prayer each year that our children are accepted as students. We do not have much money and before finding out about CCA, didn’t even begin to imagine that we could have our children educated in a Christ-centered environment…” – Anonymous

Alumni Testimonials

“CCA has given us as students the ability to reason and think critically.  We have also been given a lot of knowledge and information that will help us through life.  The greatest benefit, however, is being firmly rooted in Biblical truth.” – Zachary Byler, Class of 2014

The education I received at CCA was superb, authentically Christian, and prepared me excellently for entering into the sciences at a competitive private university.   While attending CCA, I developed a deeper love of math and science while also gaining a foundation in writing, literature, philosophy, and language arts.” – Hannah Coad, Class of 2012