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Anna is one of nine children in her family and has grown up in Rathdrum, Idaho. Anna has had the opportunity to attend Classical Christian Academy from Kindergarten through 12th grade-now a graduating senior! She has had the opportunity to participate in the school’s various athletic programs-cross-country, basketball, and volleyball. She treasures the people that she has gotten to know through her school experience- fellow students and teachers alike. She has been greatly impacted by the family atmosphere and family participation at Classical Christian Academy. She has appreciated how she felt cared about by the teachers both in school and outside of school and felt that they prepared her well in her academics-especially in how to handle large, complex assignments- like writing papers, preparing presentations, etc.

She fondly remembers her early years attending CCA as a grammar student. She was very impacted by both Mrs. Thurman in first grade and Mr. Sallade in sixth grade. She remembers how Mrs. Thurman was so good at combining “good learning with fun” and remembers how Mr. Sallade “provided great teaching and showed great love for those who he taught” and appreciates how well Mr. Sallade provided good training for herself and for her class in preparing them for their years as logic and rhetoric students in 7th through 12th grades. She is also very grateful for Mrs. Sorensen- both her third grade teacher and rhetoric teacher- she was impacted by her personal care and investment in her students-working to both make sure her students not only understood concepts but  were also challenged to become amazing students. At the logic and rhetoric level, she is very grateful for all the teachers that she has had. She particularly remembers Mrs. Inouye teaching science so well and making her classes fun while also training her to be a diligent student.  She also appreciated Mr. Brandon’s dual role as both a teacher and how he filled a “grandpa” role for many students.

Anna has been able to participate in the dual enrollment opportunity provided through CCA to complete some math courses through Northwest Nazarene University as well as take some online college courses through The Master’s University where she hopes to attend at some point in the future. She has worked very hard to accomplish 27 college credits through these 2 universities while attending high school, playing sports and getting trained in cake decorating.

Anna has invested much time during her junior high and high school years learning the skill of cake decorating under the teaching and guidance of her beloved teacher-Mrs. Rio Reng. This has brought her great joy! She wants to glorify her God and Lord-Jesus Christ with this talent and is  hopegful to find future opportunity and possibly employment in pursuing the things she has learned in this class over the last 5 years.
Anna has also had wonderful experiences being a part of Cocolalla Lake Bible Camp’s summer staff the last few years. She had wonderful opportunities attending this camp as a child and over the last few years, she has enjoyed the chance to work in a volunteer summer staff position at Cocolalla serving the children and families who attend in various capacities.
She is still making decisions on what her next steps will be following high school, currently intending on continuing her college schooling in an online capacity at this time.