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CCA Senior Spotlight: Justin H. ~  Justin has attended CCA since the fourth grade. He has always had an insatiable curiosity and appetite for learning so with CCA’s higher level academics it has proven to be the perfect place for him! Since being introduced to logic and rhetoric he has become quite an articulate thinker and excels in debate. His natural interest in history coupled with his debate skills makes for a winning combination for him to pursue a career in politics, government or law.

Justin was fortunate enough to attend the National Patriot Academy in Austin, Texas, in August 2019 and discovered he was completely in his element! He was able to put forth an amendment to a bill already set before the mock committee in which it was reviewed and accepted.

His natural bent toward history also spills over into his gun collection! He has been able to make time amidst his school and work schedules to restore a vintage rifle from World War II which he thoroughly enjoys. Justin has always been a hard worker both academically and physically and has held some pretty grueling jobs with long hours. We are very proud of his perseverance and his pursuit of excellence in all he puts his mind to.

He has been accepted at Liberty University with hopes to attend there in the future. His plans are to get his core classes done at North Idaho College while working and saving for his place at L U. The Hanson family is incredibly grateful to CCA for numerous reasons but especially for all of its exceptional teachers! “Thank you” could never say enough…