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CCA Senior Spotlight: Levi H. ~  Levi was born and raised in North Idaho. It is through God’s grace that he was able to join CCA near the end of 8th grade. It has been a struggle at times, but he has grown in “Christ-like” character through his experience with students and staff at CCA. He enjoyed being on the basketball team, participating in 2 plays and “Poetry Out Loud” finals, as well as being a part of the CCA Student Government . He also enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, and would love to travel some day. Most of all he loves spending time with his friends and making people laugh.

Levi found a passion for CAP (Civil Air Patrol). It continues to teach him more about leadership, responsibility, selflessness, and accountability. He enjoys the structure, and opportunities he has been afforded: advancement, search and rescue, volunteer work, encampment and training up younger cadets. His desire is to enter the military. Although he is still narrowing down which branch, and job he will seek to attain. He has also expressed thoughts of becoming a history teacher when he gets out of the military. 

Levi has always had a compassion and desire to help those in need; “A friend to the friendless.” Whenever discussing his desire or goal in life, he always responds the same. “I don’t need fame or fortune. I just want to help people. I want to make a difference.” God molds us into who we become through life’s trials and tribulations. If you continue to seek His will, then you will make a difference where ever He places you.