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CCA has prepared me to expect the unexpected. Through my challenges at CCA I
have learned that with God all things are possible.

I have learned to work with discipline and study diligently. When I’m faced
with a great obstacle, I have learned to keep working till I overcome it.

All of my teachers have taught me individual lessons that I will never
forget. For that, I thank each and everyone of them for the role they have
played in my life. I especially thank Mrs. Sorensen who gave me a love for
history and furthered my existing love for my country.

I would like to be Batman or at least MacGyver. But seriously, who I really
want to be is a man after God’s own heart. It’s a simple as that.
I’m planning on going to North Idaho College to complete my general
education. After that I am keeping the door open for what the Lord may have
for me.

Whatever I do I plan to protect and serve people to the very best of
my ability through Jesus Christ. (Rom 12:9)